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Family Counselling

Couple with Daughter

Family systems are complex, and so come with many challenges that disrupt the development of each individual within the system. Family counselling or Family therapy can help families to develop a strong and secure bond with each other.

If you are a parent wanting to find effective ways to manage your child's behaviour, help your child to become more resilient, or support your child through difficult family circumstances such as divorce/separation, death/loss of a family member, blended families, etc, reach out to me to find out how I can help with the unique needs of your family.

I believe that parents are the foundation of a child's future. They can shape their little ones into emotionally intelligent people, who then go out into the world to create a healthier society. 

Benefits of Family Therapy

  • Enhance the parent and child bond through emotional attunement from parent to child.

  • Reduce conflict in the family and develop understanding and connection between family members.

  • Address impacts of trauma or loss within the family system.

  • Helps a family going through divorce/separation to better adjust to these changes

  • Develop confidence as a parent, to care for and address your children's needs.

  • Help family members navigate major developmental changes or transitions.

  • Develop and manage healthy boundaries.

  • Improve communication and adopt healthy coping strategies within the family system.

  • Better manage and cope with the everyday demands of parenting.

  • Address issues and develop adaptive strategies with blended families. 

Parents and Daughter

Working with Me

My Approach

Family therapy may involve working with the whole family, or sometimes parts of the family system, for example, just the parents, just the siblings, or a parent and a child. This depends on the specific issue your family is going through and who is involved. A free 15-minute consultation with the parent or other adult seeking help for the family is helpful in deciding who we will meet first. If it's an issue concerning the whole family and where it is possible, I would meet with the whole family in the first session and get to know each family member. We will also collaboratively come up with a plan to address the issues in your family and decide on how we will work together to address your needs.

With my training and experience in Systemic Family Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy, I am able to recognise any unhelpful relationship patterns within the family system and help you find ways to get out of these negative cycles. I also have clinical experience working with families who have experienced trauma, including intergenerational trauma. I am thus able to identify the impacts of trauma and grief on the family system. Using these frameworks, I help you to become the best possible parent you could be for your child, and for your child to experience a safe and secure childhood to develop into an emotionally secure adult. 

I also value and work within the cultural norms of your family, and do not try to impose any standardised views of parenting, while upholding the basic rights of children.

Family Counselling at Lotus Bloom

Family Counselling sessions can involve one or both parents, parent and child, or the whole family. You can give me a call on 0434 947 255 to discuss your family's needs. 

Appointments for family therapy sessions are available in the Western Sydney area.

Sessions involving one parent only: $140

Sessions involving dyad or whole family: $180 

*(Weekend and after-hours surcharge: $20)

Each session duration is 60 minutes. 

The number of sessions required depends on your unique circumstances and issues. 

I also offer a free 15-minute phone consultation prior to the first session, so that you can get to know me or ask me any questions. 

How to book your appointment?

You can book your appointment online on our client portal by clicking on the book now button below.

Alternatively, contact me during business hours.

Please note that I do not respond to crisis calls. If you are in a crisis and need immediate support, contact 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

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